Method of working

Method of working

Through screening of staff it will be determined whether the information provided about a candidate is in accordance with the facts and whether no relevant information has been withheld. This is a screening investigation and therefore not a verification process is, as offered by others. The work methodology of contains that investigation will be carried out according to a specific protocol and task structure. Each screening will be completed by following the same steps. The obtained information is looked at carefully by us through cross checks with various databases and authorities. All results and communication with the candidate and the client are logged, so in retrospect the basis of an assessment is always reducible. In our investigation, we will therefore base ourselves on facts, the so-called hard information. When attempting to verify the relevant “soft information”, we will try to get a confirmation or refutation. Relevant information that cannot be confirmed or refuted will also be mentioned by us. 

In addition, we apply the “four eyes” principle. After completion, each screening of staff will be assessed by a second investigator on the proper implementation and correct assessment of the screening. This method provides a good assurance of the process. This way, in each case of a “non-positive” assessment, the expertise of another investigator is used to test and validate the information obtained before the report is compiled.

The working process is designed to relieve the client as much as possible and to confirm the reliability and integrity of a candidate! Almost the entire screening is performed digitally. We try to keep the lead time of the screening investigation as short as possible. The average turnaround time for a screening is around 15-20 days. 

A screening of staff is always performed in compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding the candidate’s privacy.

Interested? Below we will tell you in five steps how a screening is conducted.

1. Providing a commission

Once you have a client/user account you can enter commissions to screen. After logging in to our secure portal you can submit the necessary basic information about the candidate. You choose the desired package and confirm the screening commission. After this operation takes the work out of your hands.

2. Inform the candidate

The candidate will be notified by e-mail and SMS that the screening is carried out on your behalf.

3. The candidate provides information

In many cases, the candidate will be asked to provide particular information through a secure database. An authorization form for approaching references for example, and other relevant documents and information.

4. Screening is performed

On the basis of the submitted information, the screening is carried out. A simple screening can be completed within a day. A complex screening may take up to 20 business days. During the preliminary procedure we will inform you how much time the screening of staff will take approximately.

5. Screening report

After completion we show the outcome of the investigation to the candidate first, and after approval by the candidate we will send you an e-mail that the report is available to you. From then on you can view the screening report and any associated documents from your account. 

If you are not a customer of yet, you can leave your contact information via the button “Request Quote” or make use of the option at the bottom of this page to be called back. will then contact you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements. Based on your needs, we will compose one or more screening packages for you.

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Thorough: careful method and at least the four-eyes principle

Reliable: you can rely on our integrity

Easy: you can start and follow the procedure online

Accessible: no waiting or unnecessary actions



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