Pre-employment Screening

Pre-employment Screening

Avoid Costs and Reputation Damage

Good and reliable staff is one of the key elements for the success of your organization. It is therefore not surprising that more and more employers check the background of prospective employees; a so-called Pre-Employment Screening. They do this with good reason.

  •  75% of CVs contain untruths
  •  25% of CVs even contain deliberate lies
  •  18% of job applicants lie about an obtained education
  •  And 15% have a criminal record …

Source: Association of Certified Fraud Examiners / Global Fraud Study 2014Through a Pre-Employment Screening you filter these irregularities for the most part. With this, you will enhance the quality of your recruitment and simultaneously you will create a corporate culture with reliable and honest people. Screening specialist provides independent high quality Pre-Employment Screenings that you can simply start online within seconds. Within 1 to 20 days (depending on the intended position) your job applicant will be checked for reliability and integrity. The progress can be checked at any time of the day via a well-organized online dashboard.

  • In practice it appears that inaccuracies are detected in 1 out of 8 candidates that are screened by

        “1 in 8 candidates have inaccuracies in their CV” Rene Reijenga – Director

    In 4.7% of the total performed screenings this leads to a negative advice, because it has been determined that the candidate has submitted false or falsified information intentionally. In 15.2% of the screenings we add a warning signal and advise the client to discuss the topic with the candidate. A situation with one of our customers has shown that a candidate was hired despite our warning in the report, but that this candidate had left voluntarily within 6 months.

  • Pre-Employment Screening is requesting information about future employees, in order to determine the integrity and reliability of the candidate. The aim is to exclude potential risks as much as possible. Depending on the desired job, a pre-employment screening consists of one or more components that are of importance for the position. Think, for example:

    • Determining the correct identity 
    • CV-button(depth depending on your preferences)
    • Signaling(inter)national warning lists
    • Verification of the specifiededucation(s) anddiploma(s) on the basis of the authorization of the candidate
    • Employment experiences of 5 to 15 years ago (reference investigation)
    • Internet profile (open sources investigation, depth depending on the position and risks)
    • Integrity Statement (depth depending on the position and risks)
    • Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG)
    • Financial investigation (depth depending on the position and risks)
    • Interview where integrity issues will be discussed
    • Environmental investigation (e.g. criminals in the vicinity)
    • You provide information about the candidate (personal details, CV)
    • We inform the candidate by email and/or SMS
    • The candidate provides information (authorization for the approaching of references)
    • Screening is carried out by us (between 1 to 20 days)
    • You will receive a screening report after the screening
  • At a professional team of psychologists, investigation experts, interview specialists, criminologists andcriminal investigation expertsoperate. All our staff are qualified and have extensive experience in the field. They have worked for the police, judiciary, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defense and in the scientific world. Better than anyone they know the importance of honest and trustworthy staff and how they can screen this in a professional manner. Every year they carry out no less than 1900 high quality screenings. Of course all employees of are screened thoroughly as well.

  • During all screenings by the privacy of the candidate and the client is taken into account comprehensively. All operations carried out by us are permitted by law. For the approaching of former employers and other references we ask permission from the candidate. For the processing of personal information, we strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation.

  • A Certificate of Good Conduct (called “VOG” in the Netherlands) is often considered sufficient. However, in practice these turn out to be easily provided. In 2014 703 860 Certificate of Good Conducts were requested, of which only 2,479 were rejected. This corresponds to only by 0.35% of all applications. This s remarkably little, because has identified serious integrity risks in 2.4% of the tested applicants. None of these people had problems when applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct . A Certificate of Good Conduct says something, but multiple sources are necessary to get more certainty about the behavior of the candidate in the past and predict his or her behavior in the future.

  • We often hear that companies and institutions screen future employees themselves. However, when we ask questions it appears that education and employment history are hardly checked. Reference checks are often omitted due to time constraints. And the times this check is done, often the questions that really matter are not asked. Most HR staff focus on the candidate’s skills, but often integrity issues remain neglected. Asking critical questions regarding the integrity is often experienced as difficult. One feels that this can harm a relationship of trust with the candidate, and therefore the necessary questions are often omitted. Financial investigation is often omitted entirely, because it is difficult and feels uncomfortable. But be aware of the following: Employees with financial problems report in sick more often, often work less efficiently and constitute an integrity risk to your organization. A thorough online screening of candidates requires more than just checking Google and Facebook. The information found will have to be assessed correctly and searching in itself is elaborate and time-consuming. Our process is designed as such that we scour the internet with specifically developed queries of approximately 700 negative keywords , among others. This method saves time and proved very effective. Also, we use various degree registers and sources around the candidate, such as former employers and other references.

  • Traditionally, Pre-Employment screenings are performed for high positions, such as members of the Management Board and Supervisory Board. With the experience and knowledge we have accumulated, we also have designed simpler screenings for less high-level, but nevertheless equally important positions, including:

    • Receptionists
    • Desk clerks
    • Cleaning staff
    • Facility staff
    • ICT
    • Logisticians
    • Administrative assistants
    • Caregivers
    • Nursery staff
    • Teachers for primary, secondary and higher education

    In short, all staff on strategic, tactical and operational level. You can use pre-employment screenings for each candidate, but it is recommended to do this at least for positions that rely on the integrity of the prospective employee. After all, all positions are connected to small to large risks that justify screening. For this reason among others, the following organizations screen their future staff:

    • Financial Institutions
    • Government institutions
    • Legal services
    • Media institutions
    • Food sector
    • Critical infrastructure (energy, telecommunications)
    • Transportation and logistics services
    • HRM organizations
    • Health care institutions
    • Educational Institutions
    • SMEs and companies with 500+ employees
  • People are responsible for 80% of the risks within organizations. A Pre-Employment Screening of the candidate selected by you has the following benefits to your organization:

    • Insight into the quality of the CV of the candidate, but also the work morale and motivation
    • Lower costs for recruitment because candidates with an illicit past will not register
    • Less staff turnover caused by unwanted surprises afterwards
    • Reduced training costs due to reduction of the turnover
    • Reducing costs caused by fraud, dismissal procedures, and administrative costs by wage garnishment and debt restructuring among others.
    • Preventing image and reputation damage for your organization and all those involved
    • Distinctiveness compared to your competitor
  • The costs of a pre-employment screening are determined on the basis of the effort that is necessary to be able to provide a thorough assessment of the reliability and integrity of the candidate, particularly the intended position and the accompanying risk factors. A position with a limited risk profile can be achieved starting from 70 euros (excl. VAT). A screening of an average risk profile costs between 250 and 450 euros. The higher risk profile is dependent on the nature and sensitivity of the position. A higher screening starts at 500 euros, but broader and deeper investigations can go up to up to 2700 euros. By agreement we compile a custom-made screening package which is geared to your desires, for a screening that fits the job profile. Naturally, we ensure that with all our packages the costs are clear upfront, so there will be no surprises.

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