Post-employment Screening

Post-employment Screening

If your employee decides to work for another company, we will investigate as part of the post-employment screening, whether he does not take along with him any secret information, customers or property.

  • At a professional team of psychologists, investigation experts, interview specialists, criminologists and criminal investigation expertsoperate.

    All our staff are qualified and have extensive experience in the field. They have worked for the police, judiciary,  the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defense and in the scientific world. Better than anyone they know the importance of honest and trustworthy staff and how they can screen this in a professional manner.

    Every year they carry out no less than 1900 high quality screenings.

    Of course all employees of are screened thoroughly as well.

  • During all screenings by the privacy of the candidate and the client is taken into account comprehensively.

    All operations carried out by us are permitted by law. For the approaching of former employers and other references we ask permission from the candidate.

    For the processing of personal information, we strictly adhere to the Data Protection Act and other relevant legislation.

  • We often hear that companies and institutions screen  future employees themselves. However, when we ask questions it appears that education and employment  history are hardly checked.  Reference checks are often omitted due to time constraints. And the times this check is done, often the questions that really matter are not asked. Most HR staff focus on the candidate’s skills, but often integrity issues remain neglected. Asking critical questions regarding the integrity is often experienced as difficult. One feels that this can harm a relationship of trust with the candidate, and therefore the necessary questions are often omitted.

    Financial investigation is often omitted entirely, because it is difficult and feels uncomfortable. But be aware of the following:  employees with financial problems report in sick more often, often work less efficiently and constitute an integrity risk to your organization.

    A thorough online screening of candidates requires more than just checking Google and Facebook. The information found will have to be assessed correctly and searching in itself is elaborate and time-consuming.

    Our process is designed as such that we scour the internet with specifically developed queries of approximately 700 negative keywords among others. This method saves time and proved very effective.  Also, we use various degree registers and sources around the candidate, such as previous employers and other references.

  • A Certificate of Good Conduct (called “VOG” in the Netherlands) is often considered sufficient.

    However, in practice these turn out to be easily provided. In 2014 703.860 Certificate of Good Conducts  were requested, of which only 2,479 were rejected. This corresponds to only by 0.35% of all applications.

    This is remarkably little, because has identified serious integrity risks in 2.4% of the tested applicants. None of these people had problems when applying for a Certificate of Good Conduct .

    A Certificate of Good Conduct says something, but multiple sources are necessary to get more certainty about the behavior of the candidate in the past and predict his or her behavior in the future.

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Post-employment screening

If your employee decides to work for another company, we will investigate as part of the post-employment screening, whether he does not take along with him any secret information, customers or property. Read more

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