As thé screening authority, improves your process of recruitment via employment screening. Based on objective insight into the integrity of your candidates , we ensure that your employees meet your standards and we able you to limit business risks, prevent the costs of loss and increase the value and reliability of your organization. Each screening is custom-made, but it is built modularly with screen tools.

Pre-employment screening 

More and more employers check the background of the prospective employee before an employment contract is offered. The pre-employment screening can consist of one or more components which are considered to be of interest in the duties to be performed, depending on the desired job. Especially with positions leaning more on the integrity of the prospective employee (such as financial institutions or government) this is now part of the application process. Read further…

In-employment screening 

For internal job changes in strategic and sensitive positions we perform an in-employment screening for you. We can also do this if internal signals exist about the malfunctioning of an employee. Read further…

Post-Employment screening 

If your employee decides to work for another company, we will investigate as part of the post-employment screening, whether he does not take along with him any secret information, customers or property. Read further…

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Thorough: careful method and at least the four-eyes principle

Reliable: you can rely on our integrity

Easy: you can start and follow the procedure online

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