About Screenen.com

About Screenen.com

About Screenen.com

Screenen.com has a team consisting of psychologists, criminal investigation experts, interview experts, specialist screening and criminologists. Together they provide the best screenings. Contact with the client is very important for us. By translating your wishes into a suitable screening, together we will achieve the best results. Within organizations, humans are responsible for 80% of the risks. Therefore we believe in a fair work environment that guarantees integrity. Trust ensures a healthy corporate culture and thus a successful organization.

Specialist in safety

Screenen.com is a branch of Levent Group, which specializes in security-related services. Looking for specialist screening? We operate from the belief that a lot of profit is to gain from the human side in the covering up of risks. The man is after all, in general, the weakest link.

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Thorough: careful method and at least the four-eyes principle

Reliable: you can rely on our integrity

Easy: you can start and follow the procedure online

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Screenen.com is specialist screening

Screenen.com is part of LeventGroup


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